About us

Our company was established in November 2003 as LLC “NP-PROFI” that provided juristic and accounting services and consisted of 3 employees. Juristic age count of the Company starts from 25 September 2006 which was the date of LLC “Consult company “NP-PROFI”” creation.


Nowadays there are more than 30 high skilled employees in our headquarters, company portfolio contain more than 10 successful executed projects in gold mining and geological exploration, 11 own running projects in different scopes of activities (the oldest project has been started in 1932).


The “DEPARTAMENT” Group of Companies is the only company in Magadan region with such resources, experience and work results at present.


The company’s basis is its staff composition and its setup providing effective and quick maintenance, letting us to solve any kind of problem appearing during different projects running.


The “DEPARTAMENT” Group of Companies staff was originally formed from skilled professionals with experience in management and other spheres in different enterprises and organizations (gold-mining company’s chief accountants, lawyers with experience in law enforcement, professional managers and narrow specialists in gold mining and other spheres). During the work the specialists get additional experience and knowledge, by direct participating in the Company`s projects and educational programs.


With this personnel policy, today the «Department» Group of Companies is a professional structure, whose members own the entire volume of the necessary knowledge for the development of not only the main investment projects in the areas of exploration and gold mining, but also for the management and implementation of a companion, and individual projects. Professional work of the Company’s specialists contributes to a strong long-term business relationship, based on professionalism and proved in different realized projects.


The structure of the Company consists of various specialized units. So you can make a preliminary advice, to assess the tax and risks of any form of business, to issue the necessary corporate structure, but also to obtain further high-quality integrated support of your business (accounting services, juristic advice, consulting in corporate, tax, labor and other branches of law). Exploration projects and gold mining complex will have a full supply needed for successful work.

We strictly observe the principles of confidentiality, business ethics, and most appreciate the trust of clients.