Magadan cargo companies association

“MAGADANAVTOSOYUZ” cargo companies association is established in Magadan region , which includes the oldest and the largest transporting enterprises. The main objective of the Association is to coordinate and increase the efficiency of the business activities of its members, including assisting them in implementing their legal, economic, social and cultural rights, as well as assistance in meeting the social needs of Magadan region in the services of road transport in the region and beyond.

The main objectives of the Association – is the protection of transport workers ‘interests in the field of working with transport workers associations in the regions of the Far East and Russia as well, and as development of cooperation with foreign international organizations, associations, unions and associations, to exchange experience in the field of road transport and interacting with it branches .

“MAGADANAVTOSOYUZ” has already initiated the discussion of problems and prospects associated with the operation of motor vehicles in the Magadan region. In particular, treatment directed to the regional administration on the validity of the payment calculation amount as compensation for damage to the road caused by vehicles engaged in the transport of heavy loads, as well as sent and received to the question of the content of the road from Gerba – Omsukchan. Association representatives regularly take part in meetings held by the Deputy Governor of the Magadan Region and the Governor himself.


Admission to the Association at the address:

12Berzin st., (the area of “AVTOTEK”)

tel .: 8 (4132) 638-987, Galina Shevchenko