Magadan Region Subsoil users union

ЛОГО СоюзНедр

Subsoil Union is committed to create a transparent and independent regulation of subsoil usage system, the introduction of modern management standards in the industry and to ensure the conditions for rational use of subsoil in the Magadan region.

The strategic objective of establishing the Union of subsoil users is the formation of a strong self-regulatory organization in the sphere of subsoil usage, which will ensure equal access to the market for all its members, all-round support in the current activity, the protection of their rights and legal interests, as well as maintaining high standards of quality of work and entrepreneurship.

Accession to the Union will open new market, opportunities for development and growth for your organization.

Coordination of business activities

Everyone knows that one can not achieve alone what can be achieved by uniting. With Union you acquire like-minded people, which share common interests and goals. Together, we can influence the situation on the mining industry.

Protection of common property interests

The depths as an object of attention on the part of business organizations and public institutions are the source of the property interests of all parties. Legislative initiatives, changing market trends, major industry events and projects – all of which can change the value of objects of subsoil use, affect the property rights and obligations of subsoil users. By joining the Union, you get the ability to monitor the current situation in the area of common property interests, and the ability to act as a private and industry initiatives.

Unified Information Field

One of the objectives of Subsurface Users Union is the formation of a common information context in which you will always be up to date with current news of extractive industry, related industries, the sphere of law and economics. Besides common information the field brings together market participants themselves, allowing them to share opinions and shape the industry’s attitude to current events.

Interaction with authorities

It would not be an exaggeration to say that today the state has no effective channels of communication with industry communities. Subsurface Users Union is including entrepreneurs platform for communication with government institutions. Join the Union today, to make your voice heard.

New tools for the job

Perhaps the most important part of our work is the creation and improvement of tools for optimizing industry-specific business processes. What are these challenges you face in your daily work? Selection of personnel or equipment? Search borrowed working capital or other sources of investment opportunities? The advancement of your products on the market or whole brand strengthening? Our priority is to solve such problems using new methods, IT and our great working experience

Become greater

By joining the Union, you can coordinate business activities in the sphere of subsoil use better and get active industry-wide opportunities for the protection of property interests. All members of the Union interact with each other and with other organizations in the sphere of subsoil using a single information field of the Union.

Become stronger

Complex legal services for the service of legal support of the Union will help you competently and securely scale your business. Union members can always seek the support of a team of professionals!

Become a part

As a member of the Union, you are taking part in the development of standards and rules of entrepreneurial activity in the field of subsoil use, and get an opportunity to change the existing market situation. Each member of the Union may propose the development of mechanisms to simplify solutions industry-wide issues.

Get closer

The members of the Union shall have the right to initiate an appeal to the court in their own interests on behalf of the Union. Becoming a member of the Union, you will be able to come up with legislative initiatives of the project, and your applications to the authorities will not remain pending.


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