Business Accounting Services

Our experts have been engaged in accounting services for 5 years. For all the years we have been proving a complete range of professional accounting services to a number of businesses and companies. Each of our clients has a choice: to organize the bookkeeping on their own and face a number of difficulties (incompetent employees, sick leave, holidays) or entrust accounting services to an accounting specialist.

Our main activities:

Accounting outsourcing (accounting)

Proposed accounting services on the principle of outsourcing are the best option for small and medium businesses, which is not profitable to keep its own financial service. The subscription fee is comparable to the salary of an accountant, while included in the cost of accounting services, so that there is no need to pay “payroll” taxes. Thus, the outsourcing company works always and without the “hospital”, with the additional benefit – saving the company costs.

Optimization of taxation (tax planning)

The company’s specialists have extensive experience in the field of tax consulting, tax planning, tax minimization, organization of the tax system which allows to achieve maximum financial results at the lowest cost. Develop legal methods to minimize tax.

Identification of tax reserves

Our experts use the certain methodology to identify tax reserves based on analysis of accounting and tax reporting which allows to achieve high efficiency of tax reserve management as well as their practice implementation. You will no longer have unnecessarily calculated and paid taxes (penalties, fines) as a result of non-use or partial use of the tax benefits provided by the legislation on taxes and fees.

The potential of the company’s accounting and overall experience of its professionals is almost always higher than the potential and experience of the accounting department in the company. If necessary (especially in crisis) we can rapidly increase the number of serving accountants to the required level, temporarily redistributing the work of their experts.

Inherent International Centre of Legal Defense helps to solve problems of any level and complexity.

We maintain strict standards of confidentiality and security of customer information. You can be assured that your business information is securely protected.

Accounting support will enable you to reduce costs, improve the quality of reporting and to focus on key business objectives.

List of Service:

  • accounting outsourcing (subscription accounting services);
  • accounting services;
  • performance of accounting “from scratch”;
  • restoration of accounting;
  • accounting verification test (examination of accounting and tax records);
  • audit accounting and tax reporting;
  • keeping the primary accounting documents;
  • accounting and preparation of financial statements on the basis of primary documentation;
  • accounting and tax consulting;
  • development and (or) examination of the financial schemes of business activities;
  • delivery of quarterly and annual tax returns with the IRS and foundations;
  • identification of tax reserves;
  • optimization of taxation (tax planning);
  • advice on business security.


Business Accounting Services

Project Manager
Olga Botvinkina
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