Cargo transportation

The head of the entire transport structure, Arkady Urbahanov, is an experienced leader with 5 years work experience. The team is formed of professional drivers with long record of service in the Far North. The enterprises have their own production capacities: in the city center and Yagodnoe settlement there is dependable car transport parking. Specializing in the transportation of various types of goods (fuel, bulk carries) in Magadan Region and the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Continuously ensuring quality through achieving a high market competitiveness of road freight transport and fulfilling orders in the shortest lead times, the trucking companies have been included in the register of the reliable service providers and service suppliers.

By the number of transported goods, the volume of signed contracts and municipal contracts for the carriage of liquid and solid fuel for the needs of different businesses and municipal institutions of the Magadan region, in general cargo share on the basis of the received auctions and tenders, the trucking companies GC Department are among the largest truckers of Magadan region (2011-2014 – the largest cargo carrier for the Polymetal Corporation) The contracts are long-term and signed until 2017.

As part of the program for the introduction of alternative ways to deliver modern diesel trucks equipped with the brand IVECO trailers for tank containers transportation which allows to make successful delivery on time.


The list of essential services:

– transportation of petroleum products;
– transportation of liquid and solid fuels;
– cargo transportation;
– transportation of tank containers.


All services are offered on an unrestricted basis.
The company is accredited on electronic trading platforms.


Project Manager
Arkady Apollonovich Urbahanov
Phone: 8 (4132) 638-987
Magadan, 12 Berzin St.