Gas station

Ltd. Gas station “RECHNAYA” strictly complies with the requirements of fire and health safety and provide comfort and safeness of its customers.

The main economic activity is the implementation of motor fuel.

Ltd. Gas station “RECHNAYA” does not have administrative or claim disputes that may have an impact on the financial condition of the enterprise.

The team is formed of qualified and experienced professionals.

The “RECHNAYA” gas station running from 8:00 to 20:00 daily.

Gas station designed for refueling vehicles with oil products. The following processes are performed at the gas station: bunkering, storage, release and accounting of petroleum products. Gas station operates in accordance with the requirements for measuring instruments, fire prevention, environmental health and safety, labor protection.

Sale and refilling of oil is carried out by bank transfer and cash payments.

Filling is done with diesel fuel.

Ltd. Gas station “RECHNAYA” is very well suited to the choice of suppliers not only for a competitive price, but also to ensure that products meet all the requirements of the all-Union State Standard.

The company carries out delivery of petroleum products in installments at favorable terms. Availability of convenient access routes for heavy trucks also features a gas station “RECHNAYA” from gas stations and competitors, and this is very important, because this mode of transport can only carry traffic on allowed road paths.

Ltd. Gas station “RECHNAYA”
Evgeny Bekrenjov
tel. 8 (914) 034 33 75
Magadan, Rechnaya st.