Imports of goods from the Republic of Belarus

According to the program “Safe product – a healthy nation”.

We deliver high-quality, organic food, household chemicals, known brands cosmetics, to any city in Russia without intermediaries, at the most attractive prices, which creates a competitive advantage for many successful companies.

The list of goods to be delivered to the Russian Federation from the Republic of Belarus.

(deep frozen beef, beef cuttings in a vacuum, and so on.);

Slonimsky meat processing plant which is one of the meat-processing industry leaders of Belarus, specializing in the production of meat, sausages, deli meats, semi-preservation.


Canned meat (beef, pork highest grade in cans), canned meat / vegetable (cereals rice, buckwheat, barley with meat), etc .;

Kalinkovichskiy meat plant that exists on the meat market since 1930. Knowledge and experience, traditional recipes and the latest technology, modern imported and domestic equipment, the planned product range expansion and stable quality – these components allows the company to constantly increase production volumes.


meat and meat products from pork, beef and horse meat, prepared food, dumplings, meat products category 1 and 2, etc .;

Borisovskiy meat plant, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment to produce quality products rather wide range. The composition of the meat-packing plant includes 4 main workshops: sausage shop, specialized shop for the production of smoked sausages, abattoir plant and a refrigerator.


Chicken (broiler chicken and dressing and so on.)

DZERZHINSKAYA broiler farm, which also includes poultry and bird-game, processed and preserved (chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and guinea fowl. Sausages from poultry. Chickens, chickens butchered and packaged. Dumplings, frozen lumps. Food products, frozen and deep-frozen. Butcheries and poultry processing plants products. Fresh home poultry for meat production.


(Milk powder, butter, cheese, condensed milk, etc.);

Rogachevskiy plant, which is the largest enterprise for the production of canned milk in the CIS. The main activity – production of canned milk. The range of manufactured products: canned milk, butter, whole milk products, dried milk products, hard and processed cheese, mayonnaise, baby food.

Glubokskiy plant, which produces canned milk, butter, milk powder, whole milk products, hard rennet cheeses. The plant is one of the leading companies in its industry, confidently holds first place in maintaining the highest professional standards, and is equipped with high-performance imported equipment.


(Wheat, rye, buckwheat)
Macaroni products,
(Barley, fine-ground barley, buckwheat, semolina, millet, pea), etc .;

Lidahleboprodukt – the biggest grain processing enterprise in Belarus, the products of which occupies a leading position among its competitors, as experienced professionals use high-tech equipment and high-quality grain.

GOMELHLEBOPRODUKT – dynamically developing company with a wide range of products and more than half a century of history, whose main goal is to ensure consistently high product quality in the conditions of the changing needs of today’s market


Mozyrsalt – one of the largest producers of evaporated salt extra class in the post-Soviet space, is one of the guarantors of food security of the Republic of Belarus and a stable reliable partner for the supply of high quality products to many countries. The company’s policy is aimed at the constant search and implementation of innovative approaches in manufacturing processes as well as the preservation of strategic importance to the role of the producer market. Actively and successfully passes the global stage of modernization in order to increase production capacity and reduce production costs at present.



Gorodeyskiy Sugar Refinery. This modern production facility equipped with everything necessary for the production of a wide range of high quality products. The main product manufactured by the enterprise is sugar, raw material for the manufacture is sugar beet and cane sugar. Operating at the combine sugar production technology provides output that meets the requirements of existing state standards and technical conditions. The company is provided with the normative technical and technological documentation for manufactured products and raw materials used in production and auxiliary materials.

Zhabinkovskiy Sugar Factory, which has more than 50 years of successful experience, produces sugar and sugar by-products production.


dry concentrates first and second lunch dishes, jelly and jelly, cereal, oatmeal, barley and wheat flakes, spicy, aromatic spices and seasonings, starch, wine, spirits and fruit wine materials, etc .;

Lidapischekontsentraty – is the only modern high-tech enterprise for the production of food concentrates in the Republic of Belarus, which produces annually about 120 types of finished products.

Other products supplied to the Russian Federation from the Republic of Belarus.

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Sonca – is a modern, dynamic company, which produces detergents, household products and personal care products. The plant has the highest level of technical support and is one of the leaders in production capacity in Eastern Europe and the CIS. The unique composition of the product formula, developed by experts of its own laboratories and totally harmless to health and the environment components – these are the main advantages of cleaning and detergent factory Sontsya offered. All the company’s products meet international quality and environmental standards, and are subjected to strict quality control at every stage of production.

MARA – brand number 1 in Belarus. The most favorable offer in terms of price / quality. MARA – is its universal and special detergents, softener, dish detergent and liquid soap for high quality hands at an affordable price.



Belita and Vitex. The presence of modern technical base, qualified personnel and high culture of production makes it possible to constantly increase the range of quality products and remain competitive in domestic and international market. The flexible structure of the complex marketing, competitive prices, on time delivery and good quality of the company brought Belita and Vitex to the list of companies that are the pride of the national economy.

Company stores and salons “Belita” and “Vitex” -are the comfort and convenience islets not only in the capital of Belarus – Minsk and also in all regional cities and district centers of the republic.

The production of “Belita” and “Vitex” is known far outside Belarus. Ladies all over the world use this makeup .

Smart Logistics, established processes, experience and high professionalism of our employees guarantee reliable partnership, flawless execution of contractual obligations on its part, and an individual approach and providing excellent conditions for working together allow the maximum to meet customer needs.

Our advantages:

  • Direct delivery of enterprise-producers of the Republic of Belarus allows us to offer goods at competitive prices and deliver products in a short time.
  • Established partnerships allow us to offer our customers the highest quality of any product, to expand its range to meet the needs of our customers.
  • The organization supplies prefabricated products. We have the opportunity to work with major customers, and those who need small lots.
  • Goods supplied by the Russian company with VAT paid, and therefore you will not have additional problems to pay bail in the amount of VAT to the supplier and the Belarusian VAT in a special manner on the goods imported from the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Reference Information.

Import of goods into the Russian Federation from the territory of the Republic of Belarus is defined as the import of goods and the provisions prescribed a special agreement between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, speaking on the principles of levying indirect taxes on certain exports and imports of goods, performance of various works and provision of services. This agreement came into force on 1 January 2005 and was ratified by the relevant federal law.

Imports from the Republic of Belarus have some peculiarities. So, you need to pay VAT until 20th of the month following that in which imported goods have been accepted for registration. Company importer is required to pay indirect taxes, as well as to submit properly filled tax return to the local tax authorities on time.

In this case the taxpayer shall submit to the tax office the following documents with the tax declaration:

  • a statement of the fact of importation of the goods (certainly in 3 copies), there must always include information on the supplier of the goods, the type of contract that is signed with a supplier, as well as information about goods, including their name and the actual cost. In addition, there is indicated calculation of the tax base with the amount of taxes. The first copy according to the rules is the tax authority and the other two returned to the taxpayer with appropriate markings of the tax authority, which confirm the payment of the fees in full. A copy of such mark by the Russian tax inspectorate must be sent to the Belarusian goods supplier, because he needs it to justify its use in the case of a zero interest rate of VAT, which is composed by the proper form.;
  • a photocopy of the bank statement, which confirms the payment of VAT;
  • a contract with the Republic of Belarus (copy);
  • shipping documents;
  • all shipping documents to confirm the import, that is the movement of goods from one State to another.


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