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The choice of different types of rubber depends on such key points for your business as driver safety, proper technical condition of a vehicle, quality and timely as well as performance of the carriage. Saving you time and money, we offer to buy the cargo tires matched thorough market research and product testing on its own freight transport. The results allowed us to choose the right cargo tires absolutely suitable for harsh conditions of the region.



The quality of auto parts, accessories and tires is important for any vehicle as the life of a car and its technical condition completely depends on them. Therefore, firstly, we accompany the purchase of truck parts by confidence that you get the product certified on their own cargo transport, and secondly, it helps establish relationships with reliable suppliers.

We offer a wide range of original spare parts for IVECO trucks. We have a great choice of spare parts and components for high-quality IVECO trucks at low prices.

We offer a wide range of light truck, truck and special tires designed for the harsh conditions of the region by major transport companies in our region. When buying tires for your car with us, you can be sure that you will work effectively not warring about the technical condition of your vehicle and driver safety.

Because of the climate in our region, all products tested with the existing road transport, only after the decision on the sale of goods and wholesale sales is made. Working with the largest transport companies of the Magadan region, we are thoroughly worked out a scheme of qualitative execution of the order.

Long years experience and well-established relationships with manufacturers allow us to deliver products at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time. All products have a flexible system of discounts, various forms of payment, and deferred payment.

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Lorries, light truck and special tires, spare parts for Iveco trucks and KAMAZ spare parts for earthmoving machinery

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