Oils, lubricants and coolants for the mining production and vehicles

For a long time CJSC “Avtosnab” supplies the Far East region with high-quality oils and lubricants for mining and pit equipment. The basic rule of operation – direct purchase of oil from the manufacturer allows democratic pricing policy and ensures the quality and originality of the whole production. CJSC “Avtosnab” – representative of the two largest and leading producers of oils, lubricants and coolants in the Magadan region, Chukotka Autonomous State and the Republic of Sakha Yakutia:



Why Petro-Canada?

Conducted in 2012, a professional study of oils and lubricants market made it possible to determine a single manufacturer that created a unique product for heavy mining equipment in extreme conditions, a crucial protection, maximum performance and economy, as well as an affordable price. Therefore, CJSC “Avtosnab” decided to professionally supply Petro-Canada to the region.

Petro-Canada (Canada), Obninskorgsintez (SINTEC, SINTOIL – Russia)

The purest oils

Originally Petro-Canada is formed in 1975 by the Canadian government and now it is a part of Suncor Products Inc, which is the largest energy company in Canada. The company carries out not only the exploration and development of new oil fields in Canada itself, but also creates and produces high quality oil products. Lubricants Petro-Canada brand comprised 99.9% of the crystal clear Petro-Canada base oils and easily overcome the arctic cold and sultry heat. A compelling solutions that offer added value to customers products, make it more and more popular.

Mining machinery
“The increase in production. Oil change intervals increased to 350 hours. Efficiency savings»

Lubricants for the mining industry – is all-weather protection for maximum performance and economy. We know that your machines has to work on and under the surface, and that the working conditions are the most severe in the world. CJSC “Avtosnab” makes delivery of optimum assortment of oils, lubricants and process fluids, created for excellent protection of equipment in a maximum temperature range and extreme conditions.

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freight transport
“Reducing the cost and quantity of the MOT. Clean engine”

Your trucks have to run kilometer after kilometer on bumpy roads and off-road every day. To ensure that your equipment is not idle in the garage, that all the work was done, and the goods delivered on time, use only high-quality lubricants. We offer shippers the most effective oil and grease, which not only make it possible to get the maximum profit from your business, but reducing your operating costs.

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small-engine vehicles
“Fast start. Fuel economy”

Innovative lubricants infuse energy into the engine and transmission system of your car. Oils and lubricants Petro-Canada will provide reliable protection and effective lubrication of all components of your vehicle in all driving conditions. The most advanced production technology and high-quality additives allow engine easy start in winter and significantly save fuel.

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Quality assurance

The company is very serious about the products quality control, strictly fulfills all the requirements of the international quality management standards ISO 9001 Standard (registered in 1993), ISO 14001 Enviromental Management Standart (registered since 2003) and ISO / TS 16949 quality standard for the automotive industry. In addition, Petro-Canada products meet the most stringent specifications of leading original equipment manufacturers in the world, including Allison, Atlas Copco, Bucyrus, Caterpillar, Cummins, Eaton, Ford, Komatsu, Liebherr and many others.


The company “Obninskorgsintez” holds leading positions in the Russian antifreeze and lubricants market.  SINTEC Antifreeze and SINTOIL Motor Oil are well known and in demand. High quality products is the result of 10 years of work to improve formulations and technologies. The company operates an independent research laboratory, which is equipped with modern analytical equipment. The company’s products have approval of VOLKSWAGEN, MAN, VOLVO, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, BENTLEY, VAZ, KAMAZ, YaMZ plants. Lubrication company’s products are ideal for heavy and mining equipment operating in severe service conditions, and for freight and passenger cars.


Motor oils

The main characteristics of oil are its excellent anti-wear properties, high thermal stability, and the ability to obstruction of the deposits formation inside the engine. Motor oils SINTOIL ensure reliable operation of the engine even under extreme operating conditions, instant start and lubrication of all engine parts in any season and at any temperature air.

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Transmission oils

Designed to lubricate and ensure the efficient operation of heavily loaded cylindrical, bevel and spiral bevel gears of heavy vehicles. They possess high extreme pressure, corrosion-resistant and low-temperature properties. Powerful package of anti-foaming additives prevents excessive foaming in the operating unit.

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SINTEC antifreeze maintains optimum temperature for the engine. Meets all international requirements and standards used in all vehicles and in all climates.

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Sintec lubricants

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Oils, lubricants and coolants from the manufacturer (Canada, Russia)

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