Project management and business support

Working in the field of management of enterprises of various activities since 2006, purchasing, «recovery» and selling of business, company (project) funding attraction training, selection and development of effective business (project) financing tools.

The investment policy provides a range of activities from the definition of the main areas of corporate development strategy and purchasing object selection, merger or acquisition to build the model of integration and the creation of effective business (project) management mechanisms.

We implement complex tasks, and certain types of work in the field of investment projects. Problem solving is based on a comprehensive analysis of the situation taking into account the peculiarities of Client’s (partner) business.

The experience and high professional level of our specialists + proven methods usage = effective problem solving.


Project management and business support
Valery Hozhilo
tel / fax: 8 (4132) 201-201
Magadan, Karla Marksa st. 1

Assistant General Manager
Valerya Andriyash
tel / fax: 8 (4132) 201-201
Magadan, . 1 Karla Marksa st