Spare parts and service fluids for cars

The technical condition of the vehicle depends on the condition of roads. Quality of the spare parts, as well as their price is important for car owners. Thanks to many years of professional work in the market, experience and contacts, Auto-center “Magistral” supplies spare parts of required quality, in the shortest possible time, with lowest price in the region.

Car center “Magistral”

Car center “Magistral” sells retail and wholesale parts, oil, service liquids and automotive chemicals for European and Japanese cars from warehouse and custom orders.

The selection of parts made according to the latest data bases and directories that allows selecting parts from all encodings. Oils and service liquids are provided by European and Russian manufacturers. A variety of accessories for your car (flavors, rugs and much more) are also presented.

We work with large reliable suppliers of auto parts and components, what positively affects the quality of products, and a wide range of stock. If there is an absence of necessary part you will be able to order a “custom” part in the shortest time.

Making a purchase in our store, you will get high-quality and tested spare parts for cars at reasonable price.


Spare parts and service fluids for European and Japanese cars

Car center “Magistral”
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