Subsoil users Services in the licensing field.

Experts of the “MINING AND DESIGN WORKS” company have extensive experience of obtaining licenses for subsoil use, know all the details of the licensing process and will organize and prepare the necessary projects to conduct exploration and production of gold.

Asking us for the services gives you: 

  • A complete package of application documents for participation in auctions for the subsoil use right.
  • Representation of your interests directly with the participation in the auction.
  • Confirmation of financial, technical, technological and human resources (specialists) capabilities for the auction application.
  • Legel entity to participate in the auction (second party), with the preparation of the necessary documents (application materials) for admission to the auction.
  • Contractors with the necessary licenses, including surveying, drilling and blasting.
  • Analysis of application materials (in the case of self-training documents) for compliance with the auction participating requirements.
  • The full package of documents (including the registration of a subsidiary legal entity) required for license renewal.
  • Projects: prospect evaluation, SGP, GCO, spec. water.
  • Technical and regulatory legislation consultations.
  • Other required services.


Subsoil users Services
Project Manager
Sergey Aprischenko
tel / fax: 8 (4132) 622-152
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Magadan, 12 Berzina st., office 8